A role-playing game based on the Ancient Greek tale

The Odyssey tells of the epic journey home of Odysseus, King of Ithaca, after the Trojan War. Odysseus fought with the Greeks to rescue Queen Helen, and after ten years of battle he invented the famous Trojan Horse trick, which enabled the Greeks to capture and destroy the city of Troy. However, his journey home was to take another ten years, as he and his men suffered one disaster after another.

Odysseus, conqueror of Troy

In this game you play the role of Odysseus, commanding a fleet of 12 ships heading for home after the war. On each step of your journey you will have to decide the best course of action when faced with 3 options. Beware - one of the options will always lead to the end of your adventure, either happily or...not so happily!

If you choose the same option as Odysseus did in the original story, you will see this button on the page that appears.

Don't worry if you haven't selected the same choice as he did, though - Odysseus didn't always make the best decisions!

You will be faced with beautiful goddesses and hideous creatures, witches and warriors, life and death. Are you brave enough to meet the challenge?
Can you return home alive?

If you are ready, noble warrior, begin your journey home
by clicking the button below.

WARNING! This game may not be suitable for younger children!