Landscapes featured in the videos below (alphabetical order)

Australian Outback

Austrian Alps

Canadian Rockies

Carlsbad Cavern (USA)

Dolomite Alps (Italy)

Drakensberg (South Africa)

Grand Canyon (USA)

Guilin (China)

Hawaii (USA)

Himalayas (Nepal)



Lake District (England)

Namib Desert (Namibia)

New Zealand

Niagara Falls (Canada/USA)


Patagonia (Chile & Argentina)

Utah/Arizona (USA)

Yellowstone (USA)

Yosemite (USA)

Planet Earth: Ice, Mountains, Forests, Caves,
Rivers and Deserts

Timings for 'Planet Earth' video above
Ice 00:38   Mountains 01:37   Forests 04:27   Caves 07:02  
Rivers 07:48   Deserts 10:22

The Earth from space at night - watch out for lightning storms and the Northern Lights